Brigade Firearms now offer low Interest rate financing Through ARC90.


The ARC 90 Payment Plan for guns, accessories, ammunition, safes and what ever else you may need financing for up to 3.5k. This program is not based on a credit check. Must have proof of income and a stable checking account with consistent balances. Must have a valid State Drivers License or ID.

Your credit rating is not part of the decision process. Your recent financial history is. Your income level does matter but even a full time minimum wage earner can qualify.

With a little down (20-25%), you can finance your firearms and accessories. Take up to 6/9/12 months to pay. Easy approval! Program is not credit check or FICO score based.

lower than credit cards or personal loans at as low as 9%. Not a rent to own or a lease. This is a purchase program.

  1. Choose a plan with 6/9/12 months to pay
  2. Payments are collected via ACH debit
  3. No surprises, get your payment schedule up front
  4. Credit report is not pulled
  5. Shoot today - pay later
  6. Pay off in full before 90 days for 0% interest
  7. Pay off early after 90 days for no prepayment penalty

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Brigade Financing

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ARC90 charges $35.00 administration fee.  

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